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Sports Nutrition Clinic

Grilled Chicken Breasts

Trojans HC have arranged for Sports Performance Nutritionist, Georgina Impson Davey, to run a clinic for all Trojan players around how to maximise your performance by fueling up to the max!

The clinic is on Friday 20th February at 7pm in the clubhouse and will feature information on the different food groups and their uses along with how to tailor your diet to maximise performance.

Several interactive tasks are included so come prepared to become a Chef and create some exciting dishes of your own! No actual cooking required, so don't panic, you won't burn the clubhouse down!

This is a really exciting step forwards for Trojans and we would like as many players, parents and coaches as possible to take part in it. The clinic is open to anyone at Trojans HC, junior and adult.

£1 contribution towards costs please :)

You can find out more about George on her website

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