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WSW 2015 - Carolyn Booth - A B2H success story

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Carolyn Booth is an example of a true Back 2 Hockey success story. Returning to the sport in 2012, Carolyn has become a truly vital part of Trojans HC, and hockey it seems has become a vital part of her life as well...

Name: Carolyn Booth

What is the first sport you ever played?

Swimming and Athletics filled my week! First team sport was Netball at school, then hockey and basketball How old were you?

Swimming from age 7 What made you decide to take part?

Mum & Dad encouraged me and my friends went too When did you first start playing hockey?

At secondary school, 11 years old What is your involvement with hockey now?

My daughter has been playing hockey at Trojans since she was 9 (5 years ago). 3 years ago I went to the first Back to Hockey course Trojans ran after the Olympics, and have been hooked playing too ever since. I Captain the Ladies 4's team and also help out at the training sessions for U14/16 trying to encourage as many of the girls to also play Ladies hockey. What is it you enjoy about hockey at Trojans?

Trojans is a big part of my life - playing 4's and also watching Maddy - we are at the club 3/4 times a week on average! It's a really friendly club and since doing back to hockey I have met a brilliant group of people, not just in the Ladies 4's but across the teams and coaches. The team spirit is brilliant. I love watching the juniors develop and progress through the seasons too!

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