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WSW 2015 - Abby Roch - What every club needs!

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Abby Roch has been a keen hockey player for years. Now she is a not just a hockey player and supporter but a coach as well! Abby is an example of the type of hard working, positive and enthusiastic individual that every club needs and dreams of having. Find out a bit more about Abby below...

Name: Abz

What is the first sport you ever played?

Hockey, of course!

How old were you?

As soon as I could walk

What made you decide to take part?

My parents met through hockey, so it wasn't like I had a choice(!), also my older brother had already started.

When did you first start playing hockey?

I started to go to Mini's Sessions on Saturday mornings, from the age of around 5, at City of Portsmouth HC.

What is your involvement with hockey now?

I currently play in the Ladies 2nd XI, attend the Ladies committee, help organise social fundraisers as well as find the time to be a Lead Coach in the Juniors.

What is it you enjoy about hockey at Trojans?

I feel totally at home at Trojans, there's a real mix of people with a real drive and I've picked up some close friends over the last few years! Everything's all on the one site, with a two year old pitch, spectator seating and bar. It's quite a social club and if you want to get involved, there's always someone there to support you. It's only because I felt so comfortable that I took the big step into coaching after over 20yrs of playing! Two years with the U14s and I'm now taking on the U16s. I've learned a lot and there's so much talent in the juniors!

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