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WSW 2015 - Kewley McCaskill - A story from down under!


This season Trojans was joined by Australian Kewley McCaskill. Kewley is from Perth, WA, where she played for YMCC in the Melville Toyota league (Premier Division). Kewley has not only become a key player but a coach and an integral part of the ladies set - up. As part of Womens Sport Week 2015, we asked Kewley a few things about life in England and about her sporting past.

Name: Kewley McCaskill

When did you first start playing hockey?

I started playing hockey at 10 years old when my tennis coach said it would be beneficial to play a team sport

Where did you start playing?

North Coast Raiders Hockey Club in Perth, Western Australia

What is it about hockey that has kept you playing ever since?

I love the challenge of it. No game is ever the same and there are always new tricks to learn. Plus I love to smash balls at the goal and run a lot!

What is the proudest moment of your sporting life so far?

Winning Gold at the Australian Under 21 Indoor Championships in 2012

Why did you decide to come and play in England?

I wanted a new challenge and to get experience playing the game in a different way. The English style is different to the Australian style of play and to become a good player and coach I believe you need to experience a range of different styles of play.

Are there any differences between Australia and England in terms of how sport is approached?

In Australia we play finals each season to determine the winner of the league. This means that the top 4 teams all get to play off at the end of the season for the premiership which makes it much more competitive than just leaving the team who finishes on top of the table as the winner. Also, Australia focuses a lot more on sport at a club level for juniors whereas England focuses on it at a school level. I think it makes the transition from junior hockey to senior hockey easier for players when they are already involved in a club set up.

How has your time at Trojans been? Have you enjoyed it?

I’ve loved my time at Trojans. Its been a good challenge adapting to playing over here and I have met some really great people at the same time!

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