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WSW 2015 - Emma Richards - Club Development Mastermind!


Emma Richards has been at Trojans for 10 years now. During that time she has helped the 3rd XI gain multiple promotions, masterminded Trojans Back 2 Hockey campaign and overseen the introduction of a 4th and 5th XI! Emma has finally stood down as 3rd XI captain this season but will continue to play and help Trojans to develop further. Find out about Emma below...

Name: Emma Richards

What is the first sport you ever played?

Gymnastics How old were you?

4/5yrs What made you decide to take part?

I was a little monkey and loved running around and climbing trees so I suppose my mum thought it would be a good thing to get into! When did you first start playing hockey?

When I was in year 8 at School so about 13/14yrs old. What is your involvement with hockey now?

Too much!...haha... :-) No, not really, it keeps me out of mischief! I have played for the ladies 3rd team since I started at Trojans which is 10yrs this September and I have captained that team for the past 4 seasons. I also organise Trojans Back to Hockey sessions which I started in 2012.

You have been really successful with the 3rd XI.. How has the team changed and improved over the years?

When I first started at Trojans in 2005 they had just set up the Ladies 3rd Team and it was their first season. Any new team has to start in Hampshire League Division 6. Slowly but surely we have moved up the leagues with the support of up and coming juniors and new club members with only one relegation in 10 seasons we are now playing in Division 2 and were the highest placed 3rd team in Hampshire last season.

What's being a captain like?

It can be hard work but enjoyable and also very rewarding, especially when you look back on the overall success of the team as a whole. When you see juniors who started in the 3's that now play for the 1's knowing that you and the team had a small part to play in helping to build their confidence it definitely makes it all worth while.

What impact has B2H had on Trojans?

It's had a massive impact on the club at grass roots level and it's allowed us to build a Ladies 4th team very successfully and now also the Ladies 5's Development team. We hope to keep expanding and introducing hockey to new people and allowing them to find out what a great sport it can be.

What is it you enjoy about hockey at Trojans?

Trojans is such a friendly and sociable club which is the reason I have stayed there for as long as I have!

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