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Dear All

Summer newsletter

Whilst you might only see summer league, there is a lot of work going into the hockey section behind the scenes, but also the main club.


We have another new team starting next season, and new coaching teams also starting up. Our moves towards England Hockey best practise will develop further. There will be codes of conduct, safeguarding and protection policies, first aid courses, and published structures that we will be working with Phil to get onto the website as soon as we can. We also have a new Welfare Officer. Changing rooms are a big issue for us. These are influenced by what happens with the main club, as we do not want to spend money when there is a greater longer term plan. In the meantime however, we are looking to change the current set up with walkways, signage, lighting, and above all proper segregation not only between the ladies and men, but also juniors and seniors. The changes aren`t going to dramatically improve the capacity as it stands, but try to improve what we have, whilst moving towards EH guidelines.

Main Club

The major housing development by Highwood has started, and is moving at a greater speed than anticipated. The road systems around Stoneham Lane will change dramatically. We are waiting to hear what might be achieved with the drive and parking, but moreover, if there is the opportunity for an investment in the club house. Campbell has been working on this for 3 years, and the first meaningful discussions are now taking place in terms of upgrading facilities and when these might happen. There could be some changes for this coming season, but we won`t know for some weeks yet.

The housing development has pushed business away from Stoneham Park and resulted in companies enquiring about using the club. You will notice marquees, and other activity increasing in the next months. The club also pays off some loans in the next months. All in all, for the first time in a long time, the financial position of the club might be able to strengthen.


The squash chairman is evaluating a system where we might have the option to pay by monthly direct debit. I hope to let you know within a month. He also asked that I mention that we as Trojan members are welcome to use the courts; you only pay for the lights. Just ask the office about booking 02380 612400. We may well be changing the set up for adding gym membership and also, regular fitness classes might be available by September.


In terms of paying your sub, this is NOT to hockey. The sub means you are a member of Trojans Club. As hockey, we don`t have discretion on subs. The extra you pay on top of the sub goes towards our costs of running hockey.

More in the next months,



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