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2020/21 Training Schedule

Here is the training schedule for the up-coming season:

PDF Version download link:

Here is some important and related info below:

As a club, we have taken the decision to try to expand the training provision over the past two seasons to allow more pitch space across the board. This includes:- 1. 2 sessions a week for first teams.

2. Full pitch sessions for all junior age groups. 3. More pitch slots for ladies/men’s club sides 4. Continued Troopers training sessions, which attract good numbers from a large area. We have a large and unique vets section. In addition, we have this season reduced the number of training sessions at Wellington, and moved more sessions to Trojans in response to the general consensus that members prefer the Trojans pitch. Therefore, you will see that we have quite a packed schedule on the Trojans pitch. Please be aware of other teams and be prompt at changeover times, following the one way system correctly. We have a new set of goals arriving at the start of September, have 300 new kookaburra Saturn balls for training and we have been fortunate that Dave Miles has reinvested £1500 in training equipment and pitch dividers, following his very successful summer camps that have been run in August. Therefore, there has been an investment in excess of £5,000 in equipment that will improve training for all. It is essential that all of this new equipment is well-looked after. Balls should be collected in properly including any balls that have gone over the fence (without touching). Goals should always be locked away at the end of the final session of the evening or final match on a Saturday/Sunday. Finally, all England Hockey guidance must be followed, and each player, coach or manager must complete the England Hockey Participation agreement using the link below.

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