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Chairman’s Christmas Update

As we head into the Christmas break there are a few things I’d like to mention...

The Club:

TCL (Trojans Club Limited) is the overall club of which we are part. The clubhouse re-development is looking to start in Spring 2023. We have £725,000 at the moment, but we’re always looking for more so we can go further. Along with the clubhouse, we aspire to get a second hockey pitch. The more we can all do to support the case the better chance we have as a section of getting this pitch. So anyone keen to get involved in this project is welcome.

One easy way to do this is by using when Christmas shopping online. Find Trojans Hockey Club and shop away- you’ll help us raise free donations. If you want to get more involved and hold a special fundraising event- fill your boots!

Click Here or the banner below to view Trojans HC's easyfundraising page:

The Hockey:

This has been a challenging start to the season for many of our teams. Our Men’s and Ladies’ first teams have experienced challenges, especially as we still promote the ambition to push younger members to the highest level. Both teams just needed that first win to turn a corner. The Men’s have managed just that, and more wins followed.

The Ladies still need that bit of luck, and section support. I know if they can continue to push it will come, and when it does, it will be all the sweeter, and having gone through these challenges will stand them in good stead for their future hockey. Do come down in the new year to support the two sides.

The Other Bits:

  1. A massive well done to each of you - the return to hockey post-pandemic nationally has been a struggle. It has been tough for us too, but we’ve done much better than others regionally and nationally. I’m glad you’re back with us and hope you’re enjoying your hockey.

  2. Captains – you are doing a sterling job especially as you’ve had to cope with the situation put upon us by EH, the joys of the re-structure and GMS system!! WELL DONE! Getting teams out, and umpires to these games have all been about you working together to help each other out, and under testing conditions. Very well done and thank you.

  3. Jock, Ros, Jaimie, Hendo, Batch, Bass, and master of media Phil - outstanding efforts, support and counsel from all these are helping us navigate a ridiculous level of admin now put upon the sport. They tell me when I’m wrong, bring other options, and are doing a great job pushing us ahead of many of the standards required. PLEASE SUPPORT WHAT THEY DO.

  4. The coaching team - thank you all. From the top downwards, the energy from Merijn, Rich M, Twiggy, Ever-present Miles, AJ, Pete, Amy, Campbell....brilliant!

  5. Tuesday super vets - goes from strength to strength, with more people from all over the region joining, and more socialising occurring.

  6. Juniors – continue to excel and build on last year’s successes. Well done! Coaches and managers have got teams to games all over the south. Numbers and achievements are at a level the envy of all other clubs in the region. Managers, parents and other helpers have been key as ever – thank you.

  7. Gareth Jones - I keep seeing this chap involved across various groups of juniors (boys and girls), and seniors, be it coaching, organising, managing and even playing. I’m glad he believes his body is still up to it, just like his physio/chiro/vet etc., who can now afford their next vacation!

There is honestly a massive amount of work done by these volunteers. Please support them. Please become one of them. Anything, from an umpire to project manager, please join in – contact me if you can help.

Happy Christmas when it gets here. Good luck with the weekend all.


(Simon Gibbons, Hockey Club Chairman)

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