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Daisy Strange - tribute to a beautiful person

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For anyone who knew Daisy Strange, they will remember her as the vivacious, bubbly, blonde haired hockey girl. For a lucky few of us, we have the privilege of remembering her not only as a teammate, but also as our close friend. On the 11th of April 2020 at the age of twenty-five however, we all said one last goodbye to our beautiful Daisy as she ended her battle with cancer.

Daisy was diagnosed with Stage IV tongue cancer in October 2019, and put up a hard, gruelling fight every step of the way. Although the past 6 months will be fresh in our minds, Daisy’s life was defined by so much more than her cancer diagnosis. ‘Caring’, ‘incredible’ and ‘inspirational’ are just some of the words that have been used to describe her, giving a brief insight as to why she was loved by so many people.

Never one to brag, few people know the sheer amount that Daisy achieved throughout her lifetime; earning a sports scholarship to St Bedes School, captaining countless sports teams, becoming the head of prep girls sport at Seaford College to name but a few. However, we all knew her best for her top class hockey skills. Starting her hockey career at Chichester Hockey Club, she went on to play for East Grinstead and (after a cheeky stint in New Zealand) came to join the Trojans hockey family.

To say that Daisy left an everlasting impression on the Trojans community would be a gross understatement. During her time at Trojans, she was rarely seen without a massive, cheeky smile. Playing defence for the ladies 1s, she was an integral member of the team, always providing entertainment both on and off the pitch. Her incredible, bubbly personality made it hard to resist the prospect of a post hockey night out, which was great fun until you had another match the next day! Accompanied by her dog Kia, she would arrive singing and dancing (and possibly hungover), ready to spread her infectious energy to everyone surrounding her. However, it wasn’t just her zest for life that made her so remarkable; her willingness to help and support other club members meant she touched the lives of countless Trojan’s players, and for that she will be fondly remembered.

Daisy, it’s rare to find someone able to bring out the best in people, and that is something you did on a daily basis so effortlessly. Your crazy, hilarious personality is unforgettable, and we will be reminded of you in every scrunchie, every pumped-up team talk and every daisy we see in the sunshine. Love you forever and always.


There are many things I loved about Daisy, but her craziness and outrageous innuendos definitely were what provided me with the most laughs. Whether it was bounding into the changing rooms hip thrusting or singing Waka Waka at the top of her lungs, you couldn’t help but smile with an energy like that. Regular Saturday night trips to the Frog and Frigate provided some entertaining memories (well, up until the point where I forgot which house I lived in) and her voice notes never ceased to crack me up. Our regular exchange of unattractive selfies also meant we both shared a great portfolio of headshots for if Britain’s next top model were to come calling.

For me, Daisy and the Stranges became like a second family. Being so far away from home, they took me under their wing so that when everyone else went home for the holidays, I went to Daisy’s. In fact, I spent so much time there at one point that her brother Jack said I might as well be her boyfriend… sorry Patrick but the heart wants what the heart wants!

Daisy really was a one in a million friend; so caring, kind, hilarious and infectiously positive about life. I will treasure every dog walk, snack fuelled movie night and 2pm gin drinking session we had together. I know that no words I write can really do her justice, but in the words of Winnie the Pooh: “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?”


Daisy was a whirlwind of energy, she made everything fun and always wanted an adventure.I knew I loved her soul but never realised just how much I idolised her until now. I want to live like Daisy lived, sweet, caring, hilarious and talented. She was awesome on the hockey pitch, she will always be my right back any day of the week.

She took care of me when I needed it the most, told me she loved me and then in the same moment took the piss out of my big hands, awkwardness and inability to flirt!!! There were never dull Daisy moments, she was incredible and will always be my hero. I want to be more like Daisy. Xxx


It’s hard to describe and summarise my time with Daisy, as even the smallest events ended up being ridiculous and outrageous. Daisy had an infectious personality and sense of humour ensuring no moment with her was ever dull or quiet - even when we went to North Wales climbing, the whole team of instructors knew who we were and what we were doing by the end of the safety talk!Every weekend together, and trip away I would come back with more ridiculous stories that would only ever happen with Daisy. She would always make a lasting impact on anyone she met, no matter how brief, with her infectious, bubbly personality and hilarious comments. Her personality shines through in every photo I have. You could always count on Daisy to pull the most outrageous faces.

She managed to make me laugh even when everything seemed quite rubbish, and was always so full of energy no matter when. She was never afraid of telling you straight how it was, whether it be relating to hockey, work, boys, friends. She wouldn’t let anyone be messed about and was always fiercely loyal.

Even when I moved away to Cardiff Daisy was always on the end of the phone sending me a voice note or silly Snapchat. No matter how far apart we were, she was still the most caring, wonderful inspirational person I knew, and was never one to let a opportunity go.

She pushed you to be a better version of yourself and have more confidence in everything. I knew all our time together and adventures was spent making memories but I never knew how special they were or how much I will treasure every one until I can give her a massive squeeze again.


I think anyone who knew Daisy would agree what a truly wonderful human being she was, and anyone lucky enough to spend time with her on or off the pitch would understand the energy that came with her. Daisy is the sort of person you only had to watch and you could feel that energy. She was fun and full of life, she could bring laughter to any occasion and was a friend you always want around for a good time.

From every road trip, night out and hockey game, all the memories I have of her are full of happiness and joy. It’s for all of these reasons she will always hold a very special place in my heart and will be sorely missed by so many people.


It doesn’t matter how long you knew daisy you would love her just the same. She was the sparkle that everyone needed and just made every minute better.

There are so many things I will miss about Daisy; her beautiful smile, her infectious laugh, interesting selfies and the inappropriate touching... Most of all though I will miss the car shares to hockey. Every trip was full of laughter, talking, singing and complaining about music choices... Those journeys will never be the same without her, but I will make sure our song is played every trip (despite how much Teague protests).

Daisy has changed my life and I feel so lucky to be able to call her my friend ❤


Will miss our ‘car pool’ hockey journeys, will still listen to dodgy tunes in memory of you though x


You couldn’t help but notice when Daisy entered a room, mostly because you’d hear her! She’d light it up with her energy, head of blonde plaited hair and her stunning blue eyes. Always running straight over for a cuddle. She had a love for peanut butter (Kit Kat chunky and peanut MnM). They were our favourites and we always had to sneak out of the changing rooms before every team talk to eat them away from Jenny who had a serious peanut allergy.

Every Friday afternoon I’d get a text asking if I wanted to go over for dinner and movie night. Obviously, this always ended up with a few bevvies and the number of times we had to try and sober up on our way to hockey pretending not to be hungover as hell (sorry David!)

One of Daisy’s favourite times was the shower banter. Didn’t matter if there was a free shower or not, she was coming in. The number of times I had to not only share my shampoo, conditioner and towel but also my SHOWER was significantly high!! Along with ‘can I borrow your deodorant’, ‘can I borrow your hairbrush’... I’m pretty sure there were pants, bra and sock requests too!!!

Daisy was the kind of person who would always make you have fun. Even when you were pissed off for playing crap or down about being messed around by your man she’d make you try and jump through a rolling tyre or book a holiday to Mexico!!!

As I look back through our messages, I have nothing but happy memories. Every voice note makes me sad that I will never hear her voice again but happy for all the good times we spent together and the problems we got each other out of. Every video makes me laugh at her stupidity and craziness and all her pictures make me remember what a beautiful girl she is inside and out. I feel very honoured to be Daisy’s friend and have been a part of her life. I wish we’d had longer to get ourselves into more trouble and more matching tattoos.

‘I knew as soon as I saw you a great adventure was about to happen’ Winnie the Pooh xx

Daisy Claire Strange

15th February 1995 - 11th April 2020


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