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Introducing: Marcia LaPlante

Who's the new Canadian International goalkeeper extraordinaire playing for the Ladies 1st team?

Why has she come all the way from the land of Maple syrup, Poutine, and Mounties to come play for our club here in the UK?

Well we managed catch her in-between her shot stopping sessions so we could find out more of what she's all about and why she's a great new addition to the club.

Hometown: Waasis, New Brunswick Canada Age: 23 Hockey accolades:

  • 4 years of NCAA Division 1 as starting keeper at the College of the Holy Cross (Awards: goalkeeper of the year, rookie of the year, all-league first team, all-league second team, all-region second team)

  • Canadian indoor national team

  • Played for the province of Ontario in the 2019 U23 Nationals, see photos below:

Favourite food/drink?:

Probably seafood (we’re famous for it on the east coast of Canada), favourite drink would probably be coffee ☕️ Other hobbies away from hockey?:

Drawing, hiking, ice hockey, and running! How did you get in to hockey?

I had actually never heard of field hockey until high school. When I was 14 I was invited to try out for my high school teams and figured it would be fun to try a new sport! My twin and I joined the team as strikers 🏑🏑 What made you choose to become a goalkeeper?

I was recruited as an ice hockey goalie for university, but during my first week on campus the field hockey coach sent out an email to students asking if anyone wanted to join the team as a backup keeper. I figured it couldn’t be that different from being an ice hockey goalie (which is far from true) so I volunteered. After my first few games in goal, I fell in love with the position!

Why did you come and play at Trojans? To be honest, coming to play at Trojans kind of happened by chance. I was originally supposed to play in Australia for their winter season, then Belgium in the fall, but both of those options fell through because of Covid. England was actually one of the original countries that I was looking to play in, so after some research I found Trojans and it seemed like a good fit! It was a very last minute decision - I pretty much decided I was going to play for the club, applied for my visa and hopped on a flight, all within two weeks. I always knew that I wanted to play abroad because experiencing different styles of hockey and coaching strategies would help me to improve as an athlete.

What are your future aspirations in your hockey career? Currently one of my big goals is to help team Canada qualify for the Indoor World Cup in Belgium next year. In order to do so, we’ll have to win our Pan-American Cup tournament. Another big goal is to play for our outdoor national team as well. I have a lot of work to do to get there, but I’m hopeful that with a good work ethic and commitment I might be able to achieve that goal. What is the level of hockey like playing at Trojans and in the league they play in compared to what you used to? I’m honestly not sure how to compare the levels, because the style of play is different. The level is certainly high and we’ve got a lot of really skilled individuals here at Trojans, which has been fun during training! What is the difference between hockey in the UK and hockey in Canada? I think that the biggest difference is that there is so much more hockey in the UK. We don’t have big clubs like Trojans in Canada - the highest level of play would probably be university and outside of that there’s not a whole lot of hockey for adults to play (especially on the East Coast where I’m from). When I played in the United States, our training schedule was much more demanding - we would train 4 days a week and play two games every week.

Any family members in to hockey? My twin sister also plays hockey - she’s a striker. What advice would you give to a young player wanting to become a keeper? I would say focus on having fun above everything else! Being a keeper is a ton of fun - you get to be the hero for your team, you’re in charge of organising the field, and you get to make some big saves. At the end of the day, hockey is a game and if you’re not having fun then there really is no point in playing.

What is your most memorable hockey moment? My most memorable moment was either when I earned my first indoor cap against Ukraine in Belarus or going to my first NextGen (junior national program) camp. What is one thing you didn't know about England until you came here? Mainly I didn’t know all the different words you guys use and in which context to use them. Cheers has been one of my favourites so far! Do you have a funny nickname? If yes, what's it about? Chris at the Trojans bar calls me “Turbo” because apparently I look like turbo the snail when I walk around with my goalie bag on my back 🐌 and in university, some of my ice hockey teammates called me Marsh as a joke because the announcers for our games would always call me “Marsha” instead of “Mar-see-ya”

Do you have any party tricks? I’m pretty good at juggling! 🤹‍♀️ Any non-hockey interesting facts about you? I have an identical twin sister (my mom found out she was having twins on April fools day and thought it was a joke), my primary language is French, I played ice hockey for about 14 years.

And finally... If you could have a superpower, which would you pick? Definitely teleportation so I could go home to visit my family whenever I want. It would also save me a ton of money on flights!

See Marcia playing for the ladies 1st team this season in the National League Division 1 South league - as soon as we're allowed to play COVID safe hockey again!

For fixtures please click on this link to the England Hockey website:

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