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Latest Club Developments - June 2020

COVID has been a challenge, and whereas we`re not quite sure how the season will start, we`ve been preparing, AND DON`T MISS THE BIT AT THE BOTTOM:

Club Development

I am told that the discussions with Eastleigh Council are nearing completion, and a grant imminent, and that new club house and pitch are on the list. The new CLUB database will be running shortly, so hopefully you`ll get an update on this from the Club.

Trojans Hockey club

Activity On the Pitch

Once again, the section owes a huge debt to Bassett. The club wanted the pitch available to members, but hockey, or I should say Bassett, went through the process of developing protocols to follow government guidelines, which protected people but gave fair access to those wishing to play hockey.

The scheduling is a much bigger job than people recognise. Many thanks to Dave Miles and the others who`ve helped run coaching sessions.

Thanks to Twiggy, for managing the pitch, and Bassett for organising the whole thing, which they`ve done on goodwill alone. A huge thank you.

I believe as a club, we`ve provided more hockey than the rest of the county put together.

Demand is a challenge, so please look out for updates, as we constantly need to review how we operate.

Trojans Hockey pitch

Callum Giles drag flick workshop Trojans Hockey club


Thanks to Ros, who with guidance from Gaynor, and a robust Welfare platform developed by Jaimie, achieved ClubMark. We have an ambitious development plan, and the work will continue.

Roles – as part of ClubMark, in our AGM which will be next month, we will advertise all positions and all are welcome for volunteers to join the growing team that make the place tick.

Coaching team – the new coaching set up is nearly complete, and we`re hoping it will help build a strong base. It will be publicised shortly.

England Hockey Clubmark

And finally…you might have heard some whispers so I can confirm

For the last two months, we`ve been in discussion with Alex Danson and how she might work with us, but the timing isn`t quite right. We have had long discussions, and I can honestly say her aspirations are perfect for us. We`ll keep talking and for now, she sent this message …

“Hello Simon,

I hope you are having good start to the week.

Further to our conversation on Friday I am sad not to be able to commit to this season. With work and home commitments I would not be able to be as fully immersed as I know I would want to be. Saying that, as discussed I am very happy to pop down to the club and keen to stay connected as we look forward.

Lets have another conversation next season and see where we are all at.

Very best


More news coming soon

Simon Gibbons

Trojans HC Club Chairman

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