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No Number Nine - New novel about Hockey

If you're at home and don't know what to do with yourself - no hockey training, no matches, no sport on TV - then why not get stuck into a good book? We've heard about a novel with hockey in it - it's called No Number Nine and it's partly set at the Sydney Olympics.

"Calling all #hockeyfamily - this book needs to go straight to the top of your summer reading list. Drama, love, laughter, lots of hockey players & hockey club antics we can all relate to."

- Helen Richardson-Walsh

"A brilliant book. I have given it a 5 star rating. If you want to reminisce about life in your twenties this book has it all. If you have ever played hockey or been to spectate at an Olympic Games then this book is definitely one to read.”

- Goodreads review

More info including Where to Buy at:

The author, FJ Campbell, who plays at St Albans HC, has offered Trojans HC members a discount for a limited time - so buy your copy of No Number Nine for £7.99 until 5th May on using this code:


or click on this link to buy with the code:

That offer is set up now to run until 5th May.

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