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To club members and supporters

Please read the message from Campbell regarding the current situation at Trojans below:

Update on situation within the club with regard to Coronavirus

Members will be aware of the government announcement regarding the spread of the coronavirus.

The guidance from the government has clearly put the Club in a position where we have no option but to close.

What this means is that the clubhouse, the bar, the toilets, the gym, the changing rooms, the new Hardmoor building, and the squash courts are all now fully closed to members and visitors until further notice.

With the exception of Hardmoor, which has a gate, we are unable to close the grounds or the AstroTurf, as there are no gates or fences. Government guidance is that outdoor exercise, within their social distancing guidelines, is to be encouraged, as long as this is limited to small cohabiting family groups.

Therapeutics remains open as it is a separate business, does not rely on our facilities, and does not fall into any of the categories identified by the government. So please continue to

support them if you can. We are working through the financial implications of the clubs closure, and to support us to

do this, Chris Moore our bar manager has agreed to move on to manage the whole club, and we will be working with him to manage the finances of the club, and the staff, and to keep

everyone updated on the situation, and the club in a position to begin operating again when things return to some normality.

The club should continue to thrive and is financially viable, however the current situation with corona virus will put significant strain upon this, and the Directors of the club will be

reviewing all options to manage this within changing guidelines and in light of financial support packages being made available.

It is quite possible that a period of full closure may give us a period of time to better organise and review our operations so that when, hopefully, there is a return to normality we are able

to be in an even better position than we are now.

One of the best things about Trojans is that we all make friends of different age groups, from different backgrounds, and often do this for life. There is a risk of isolation during these unprecedented times, so please remember to keep in touch and support other Trojans during this period.

We will keep you updated


Campbell Williams Trojans Sports Club.

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