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Trojans HC and the general club - Winter Update

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

By Simon Gibbons - Hockey Club Chairman

Bizarrely, it has taken the pandemic to probably show us the value of our club.

With more and more clubs merging, and playing at schools or leisure centres, Trojans stands as one of a shrinking number of independent clubs with their own facilities, and accounts why more hockey was played at Trojans than the rest of the entire county.

Support of the members and outstanding contributions from talented volunteers made this possible. As our governing bodies seek to become more professional they ask more of us.

Again, we had Ian Bassett to shape how we ran our hockey complying with regulations. Jordan Ash became our Covid officer, Jaimie Ellis has kept our welfare organised, and David Miles and Rich Aves and the many other coaches helped us comply with guidance and deliver training sessions in the initial lockdown.

Jordan Ash

David Miles

Jaimie Ellis

Richard 'Twiggy' Aves

And with all this going on Ros Beal got us to ClubMark. We had a real step up in coaching structure with a great team at the top, thanks to Phil Roch for keeping us aware via website and media.

Underpinning all this, is maintaining income and keeping the systems working – Angie Bareham and Dave Henderson, take a bow.

To the Captains, you`ve made this much easier and thanks for bearing with all the fixtures changes; to the Old Boys and the massing numbers on Tuesday mornings; to the Juniors Organisers/Managers and Helpers…THANK YOU.

When the going has got tough, we`ve worked together even more, and we are stronger for it. Thank you all, for the support. Onwards.

An update from Campbell Williams, Club Chairman

One of my personal annual highlights is sitting at the club with friends watching Wales beat England in the six nations*, with this year's beating scheduled for the 27th February.

However, it looks very much as if this won't take place as usual this year, as the club is likely to remain closed for some time due to COVID, and whilst the rugby match may still go on, it will be without friends and without a beer at the club. Which is a great shame.

However, if you read the reports from each section chair, you will see the remarkable effort which each section is undertaking to ensure each sport is ready to start as soon as the whistle goes making sure this is done safely and within government guidelines.

So, what about the Club as a whole? We are making excellent progress in developing options for significant improvements to the club, and want to make sure that you all have the opportunity to see the plans and get involved.

Please have a look at our inspired animation (click on image below):

For those of a certain age, this a bit 'Rhubarb and Custard', but hopefully sets out the ambition and the opportunities.

We're going to make sure that we regularly update our website with more information, and as the club is fully owned and run by the members of the community, rather than owned by an individual, all the members get a say in what we do.

However, we do need people to get involved - and if you are interested in the vision presented in our animation, let us know. In particular, at present we need someone who is able to take a lead on fundraising across the members to ensure what we want to do is fully achievable.

But we'd love some feedback, ideas, suggestions, comments, and any offers of help. But most importantly, please stay safe and look forward to the club opening up again.

*To be fair, Wales don't always win, but as ever, I think this year could be the year....

Message from The President Trojans, Mike Watts

I would like to echo Campbell’s comments about the current situation. The club has been part of my social life for well over 40 years and I currently really miss the ability to meet up with new and old faces in the bar or on the field.

That said I am very excited about the future; it feels like we are at the threshold of a new dawn. In 2024 we will see the Trojans Club celebrate its 150th Anniversary. What a fantastic milestone for a wonderful club, OUR Club. There is also the very real potential for a brand-new clubhouse! Standing before this threshold gives us the ideal impetus and opportunity to re-visit a number of things; about how we operate and how we can improve. Improve for the benefit of current members and to ensure the future health of our Club. As part of these changes, I would really like us to start building longer term, (5 year) rolling plans that ensure an increasingly fit for purpose, safe, welcoming & friendly, financially sustainable club; where all of our chosen sports can thrive. The Board of Directors and the individual sports section committees already work tirelessly to enable sport to be played in a safe, friendly and sustainable way but we can do even more with your help But, ‘What can I do to help?’, I hear you say. For now, I would ask you to consider doing 3 things:

  1. Volunteer to be part of the 2024 celebration committee or get involved with fundraising for the new clubhouse

  2. Come to General Meetings as informed as possible so that you can vote on the future of your club

  3. During these difficult times, where participation in sport has been much interrupted; can you please encourage others to pay membership fees and continue to do so yourself. The club still has costs to meet and by doing so you will be doing your bit to ensure the club remains financially viable

When I see what the future could hold; when I see all the work volunteers already put in, I for one am extremely PROUD to be a Trojan; I hope you are too!

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