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Trojans Member update & and Annual General Meeting notice June 2020

Hello everyone, a short update for all the members of Trojans.

It is really nice to see the place being used again. This is only possible thanks to the very hard work and efforts of a small number of club members who have put their time into reading government guidance, reading national governing body guidance and then writing for the “Trojans setting” ; a risk assessment/protocol that follows the guidance, re writing it, approving it, monitoring it, etc etc.

When the bar is open, buy them a pint, as a result of their efforts we can go and run around and not everyone at other clubs has been able to do that.

Our cricket nets, are almost fully booked, as is the hockey pitch, rugby is beginning to start again, but we are also being opened to other clubs in non peak times, such as Winchester hockey club, who otherwise have nowhere else to go at this time.

If you are keen to read the protocols or to book a slot, here are the current positions, although bearing in mind likely changes to social distancing these may change soon.



Rugby being put on

Whilst not managed by us directly we have also approved protocols for Therapeutics and Southampton Archery club, both of whom lease part of our land. For physiotherapists, the protocol on this is quite stringent, but they are open, so please review their website to check what physio is available.

There still remains the two core indoor parts to reopen , the squash courts, and the club house and bar. There is potentially light at the end of the tunnel for both, so please watch this space! The bar is looking at the 4th July as a possible reopening date, and we still have some decisions to make about a phased reopening at some point after this to ensure staff and members can operate safely

As with other sports a return to squash will be guided by national governing body guidance, but as with other sports, because we control the land and facilities we should be able to return quicker than some who are co-located on schools or at a sports centre.

Grounds and staff

In preparation for this you will also, if you are observant, notice that we have restarted maintenance of the grounds, which makes it all look a lot tidier, but also enables the limited sport that we can offer to be delivered.

Tim our part time groundsman, has come off furlough, although Dave our main groundsman remains furloughed. Carol is still furloughed from the office, as are the bar staff. The clubhouse remains closed, although Chris is still working to manage the facility during this period.

Annual General Meeting – Wednesday 15th July

For those of you that are unaware, the club owns all the land and facilities, is debt free, and has a long term lease on the land at Hardmoor.

We are run independently of any outside control, by a board of Directors from across the club, and will be having an Annual General Meeting on Wednesday the 15th July at 7.30pm for all members to attend.

The restrictions posed by the pandemic are going to make hosting this a challenge. We are reviewing the government’s guidance, which may well change, but think there is enough space to do this in the clubhouse whilst meeting government social distancing restrictions, however we may well have to undertake by zoom, or the equivalent, depending on how government guidelines develop.

With the AGM on the 15th, we are aiming to send out to members and put on the club website, the papers in advance of the meeting, including the annual accounts from 2019, the report of the board, and section reports, by the 8th July, along with joining instructions so that anyone is able to email in questions if they are not able to attend.

And because of potential space limitations which will need managing, please could you email:

...if you are intending to attend, or once you have read the information that we will distribute, if you are unable to attend and have any questions.

The meeting will outline our first set of annual accounts as an incorporated organisation, a report on the year, and plans for the future.

We are expecting a significant investment from Eastleigh Borough Council linked to the housing development south of Chestnut avenue, and following a recent board meeting, the directors agreed that with this investment part of a preferred option is to develop a business case for knocking down the clubhouse and changing room part of the structure, and building a new clubhouse on the land where the car park is, and linking this to the improvement of sports facilities.

To achieve this the club will need to review additional sources of funding, undertake some fundraising and draw upon the skills and capabilities of the large membership that we have.

This is really a very exciting proposition, and we would love to have as many members as possible engaged in discussing how we do this, what we need, and how we fund it.

We know we have at least two directors from the Board standing down at the AGM, and would be interested in discussing with those of you who think you would like to be involved in improving and managing the club going forward.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

We don’t actually have a way, as an overall club, of talking directly to the members, of engaging on key issues, or offering you the ability to book the range of facilities available, of paying subscriptions, of getting discounts over the bar, or any other number of things which it would be useful to do.

As a start point we are working to develop something that will enable the club to talk to and engage directly with all our members. So please look out for this soon.


The clubs finances run independently, with income from three main sources, people who rent facilities from us, money from the bar and catering operation led by Chris, and from subscriptions. Where possible costs have been managed and whilst we have received one off grants from the government (£25k) and Sport England (£8k) to help deal with the COVID 19 situation, we will still need ( if we want to remain a “going concern”) subscriptions to be continued to be paid on time by all members.

We understand that some of the members will not be in a position to pay due to the personal impact of COVID 19 ( if this is the case please discuss ), but for those of you who are able to when notice of subscription is received, please be prepared to pay up promptly. Our cash flow is being managed, and at present we are looking ok until the end of September, which is when the bulk of our subscriptions are due to come in.


Campbell Williams


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