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Update from our hockey club Chairman - Simon Gibbons

Hi All

The season has begun and changes are now starting to bed in.

First up, we must thank some out going captains and managers. Thanks to Jess for organising much around the ladies 2s and 3s, and Ant for keeping both the 5s and 6s working, and hopefully she`s running just the one side now!

For the guys, Matt Dye is stepping down from the 5s, as is Simon Dolby for the men 6s. The lower teams usual bear the brunt of shortages or surpluses of players, so it`s never easy, so thanks to these guys.

I`d like to mention a special thanks to Matt and Alannah, and Phil for running the Men 2s. It`s a tough job trying to help younger players develop especially in a league that contained some very aggressive and physical at opposition at times, with seemingly not the strongest officiating. Thank you.

On the ladies side, we welcome JP (Jonathan Price) as head coach, supporting Lauren and Jill. Twiggy and Dave Miles complete the performance coaching team for the ladies, with Whipper back as 2s skipper, and Gemma McKitterick the 3s. Jaimie continues with the 4s, Jess Miles arrives as leader of the 5s, and Ant the 6s. Tiff clearly got caught at a weak moment, and is now running the Masters.

Richard Markham leads the coaching set up for men 1s, and Ben Frost joins Twiggy as joint 1st team captain, with the 2s run by David Miles specifically developing young 2nd team players towards 1st team. Jordan and Jon continue with 3s and 4s, with Jeff Shrimpton back running the 5s, and Norm and Gareth running the 6s.

Aphid still runs the Men Vet 1s and Geoff again for the 2s.



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