Trojans Hockey


The hockey club was the original Southampton Hockey Club, and established in the early 1900s. At that time, the Trojans Club was established with cricket and rugby as its main section. In fact, between the wars, the hockey club merged with Trojans and then separated. 


It reunited in the early 1950s, becoming Southampton (Trojans) Club, and eventually dropping the brackets, and then also Southampton, to become Trojans Hockey Club.  The clubhouse was based in the Polygon area of Southampton. Although matches were generally played at Fleming Park, the social life remained at the Polygon where the club house also had two squash courts; one at the club itself, and the other attached to the Polygon Hotel.

The section grew and soon started playing games at the Hampshire County Cricket Ground in Northlands Road. It also played matches at the Atherley School, before the club took the plunge and purchased playing fields at Stoneham Lane.

The clubhouse at Stoneham Lane was gradually expanded, and ultimately the clubhouse in Southampton was sold, and Trojans moved en masse in the early 60s.


With the money made available by the sale in Southampton, the clubhouse was expanded, and started to resemble the site as it stands today.

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Alex Danson Trojans Hockey Club
Ladies 1s Hockey team Mid 90s
Ladies 1s Hockey team Mid 90s
Ladies 1s Hockey team - Hampshire cup winners May 12th 1994
Ladies 1s Hockey team 9
Ladies 1s Hockey team - 1991
Emma Teague and Alison Burrows in action for Ladies 1s
Ladies 1s Hockey team
Ladies 1s Hockey team
Ladies 1s Hockey team
Ladies 1s Hockey team - May 18 1995
Ladies 1s Hockey team  - April 2