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Trojans Hockey Club has a proud history of producing talented young players that go on to achieve great things. Alex Danson is among many Trojans juniors that have represented England whilst at Trojans. Trojans junior teams have been successful in Hampshire, South and National competitions alike. Our junior section has expanded massively over the past six years and the club has big plans to ensure that this development continues in the future.


Trojans run weekly coaching sessions for all age groups from U8s through to U16s. The U18 age groups train with the adult teams during the week. Each age group follows Trojans Junior Coaching Syllabus designed to develop a wide skill base. See below for training details for each age group.


To enquire about joining Trojans Hockey Club please contact the relevant team manager. For team contact details and junior prime contact information please visit our contact page.

Garath Jones (Junior Chairman):

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U18 Trojans girls cup winners
U18 Trojans girls cup winners

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U18 Trojans girls cup winners
U18 Trojans girls cup winners

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Trojans Hockey Junior Section

Training Times

U8 Girls: Fridays 5.30-6.30 (Trojans pitch)

U10 Girls: Fridays 6.30-7.30 (Trojans pitch)

U12 Girls: Tuesdays 5.30-7pm (Trojans pitch)

U14 Girls: Mondays 5.30-7pm (Trojans pitch)

U16 Girls: Mondays 7-8.30pm (Trojans pitch) 

U18 Girls: Thursdays 5.30-7pm (Trojans pitch)

U8 Boys: Fridays 5.30-6.30 (Trojans pitch)

U10 Boys: Fridays 6.30-7.30 (Trojans pitch)

U12 Boys: Fridays 7.30-8.30pm (Trojans pitch)

U14 Boys: Fridays 6.30-8pm (Wellington pitch)

U16 Boys: Fridays 8.30-10pm (Trojans pitch)

U18 Boys: Thursdays 5.30-7pm (Trojans pitch)

Trojans Hockey Club Junior training times.jpg
Junior Club Contacts

Junior Chairman

Garath Jones: 

Child Welfare Officer

Jaimie Ellis:

U8 Mini's

Paul Hilton (Head Coach):

Kieren Cole  (Manager):

U10 Mini's 

Colin French (Head Coach):

Aggie Batchelor (Manager):

U12 Girls

Luke Maunders (Head Coach):

Kathy King (Manager):

U12 Boys

Owen Dicker (Head Coach):

Sarah Dicker (Manager):

Becki Allman (Manager):

U14 Girls

Gareth Jones (Head Coach):

Elaine Barriball (Manager):

Penny Shires (Manager):

U14 Boys

Paul Oakley (Head Coach):

Andrew Copestake (Manager):

U16 Girls

David Miles (Head Coach):

Pete Hilditch (Manager):

Jeremy Crouch:

U16 Boys

David Miles (Head Coach):

Zelda Draysey (Co-Manager):

Jess Jones (Co-Manager):

U18 Girls

Becci Barrie (Manager):

Gaynor Toms (Head Coach):

U18 Boys

David Miles (Head Coach):

Ee-Lin Kuan (Manager):